Training your puppy or dog doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. If you have raised or are raising a child, you already have a lot of relevant experience. No worries if you don’t.


In this latest edition, the book is re-organized into the following Sections based on feedback received from pet owners about how to improve the book to provide readers more value to both the “about to be new” and “existing” puppy or dog owners:

  1. What Puppy or Dog Should I Adopt?
  2. How Do I Prepare Before Bringing Home a New Puppy or Dog?
  3. Introduction to Puppy Training
  4. Training Your Puppy
  5. Training Older Dogs
  6. Taking Care of Your Puppy or Dog
  7. Additional Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As fun and heart-warming it is to have a puppy in your home, it is extremely important to train your puppy from the very beginning.  Imagine what would have happened if your parents did not train you and raised you expecting you to develop good habits by yourself.  

Similarly, it is extremely important for you to raise your pup the best way you can (this is often debated as to what is really the right way). I will tell you to raise your puppy that is customized to your own environment and the temperament of your puppy so it will grow up into a responsible and well-mannered dog. 


“As an 8-year dog owner, I found this book to be extremely informative! It helped clear up some of the doubts I was having as an owner, which I found quite comforting. Having a dog comes with great responsibility, and this book highlights the most important parts of dog care and how to better understand your dog and its behavior. The author added personal experience to the mix, making the content easy to read and relate to. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone thinking about adopting (yes, adopt, don’t shop!) a dog, or already has a dog or multiple dogs. An easy read, packed with useful information.”

“Coming across this book while Christmas shopping has reassured me that adopting a puppy is my fate! I currently have an 8 year-old rescue that is longing for companionship. When I adopted her at 3 months, I was between jobs, and had plenty of time to train her. Training her was like having a full time job, beginning with potty training, which to me, was the most important aspect of the training process. This book has reminded me how much work training a puppy can be, as well as helping me decide the best training method to use for a new addition, especially since I do have a full time job and another dog in the home. This book offers various training methods as well as help in choosing the right breed for you! An excellent guide for a novice soon-to-be dog owner, or an owner that needs a bit of a refresher course. Either way, this book is extremely helpful!”

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